Here you'll find entities and individuals that have supported Haveno through donations, technical support, infrastructure, etc.

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Top Sponsors

Top sponsors went over their way to support Haveno through important/continuous donations or other substantial contributions to the project.

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The Monero community

The monero community has funded Haveno's new user interface and has constantly supported us through donations and contributions.

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MajesticBank has provided funds and support in critical moments. Their donations are helping the project and speeding up development significantly.


These entities or individuals generously donated to Haveno, allowing us to fund our bounty system and pay for infrastructure.

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Don Yakka
Mike Dogs, MD

Note: Sponsors are benefactors that made generous donations to Haveno in some form. Being listed on this page doesn't necessarily imply endorsement from the Haveno team. Do your own research before trusting any service with your money.