General updates (May 2022)

Haveno Core Team | 12 May 2022

A lot is happening in the Haveno world, so we decided to update the community on the latest progresses.

Haveno core

Development proceeds at full speed and updates to the Haveno core repository are being constantly pushed. At the moment the focus is providing the frontend team with everything they need for building the UI.

There is a lot to do and there are multiple issues open and ready to be worked on. If you are a Java developer, we need your help. Take a look at the open issues. Those labelled Pn (P1, P2, P3, P4. Where P1 is the top priority and P4 the lowest) are ready to be resolved. Contact us or write directly on the issue if you need more information.

User Interface

The work on the user interface, funded by the community has started and it’s ongoing at full steam! The base is being built and updates are being regularly pushed.

progresses can be tracked on the dedicated repository on GitHub: and on the project board. The frontend team also shares a summary of the updates in our Matrix room dedicated to Haveno development (#haveno-dev, relayed on IRC/Libera).


We created the haveno-ts repository, a TypeScript library for programmatically interacting with Haveno. It will be used to make the user interface interact with the Haveno core software, but can also be used by external projects to integrate Haveno into their infrastructure and also power users that prefer to create their own tools for interacting with the Haveno network.

Currency listing

The community has now the possibility to propose assets to list on Haveno, by using the dedicated repository. The process is very simple (the full instructions are in the repo):

  1. Go to the issue tracker and use the search field to make sure there isn’t already an open issue about your asset.

  2. Choose the correct template (cryptocurrency or fiat) and make sure to complete all fields.

  3. Submit the proposal.

The status of each proposal is tracked using a GitHub project.

CCS funds tracking

We created a document on the haveno-meta repository that will be updated every time the money raised through the CCS are used or received. Make sure to watch the repository if you want to receive updates.

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