General updates (October 2021)

Haveno Core Team | 01 Oct 2021

Hey folks, there has been a lot going on in these months, so we thought of giving the community an update on what we’ve achieved and what we are currently working on, but first we want to thank our sponsors and contributors who, through donations and active support, are fundamental in making Haveno come to life. Thank you really, really much.

Final version of the trade protocol

We finalized our trade protocol (PR: #107) and we are in the process of implementing it in the code. To make this possible, we added some functionalities to monero-wallet-rpc (freeze and thaw outputs).

Feedback is very welcome and encouraged. Instructions about how to compile Haveno are in the repository.

Improvements to Monero’s multisignature with the help of Monero developers and MRL researchers

Monero’s multisig protocol hasn’t received much attention since its implementation (mostly for lack of projects using it), so it’s quite clunky and has multiple issues that need to be resolved before being fully reliable.

We are currently working with Monero developers and researchers to make sure multisig is ready and rock solid for when Haveno will be live. These improvements will be beneficial not only for Haveno, but also for any other project planning to use multisignatures.

We track the progress on this front on Github:

Design work is ongoing

Our lead designer Deanero started to work on Haveno’s user interface. Work is ongoing and progress can be tracked from the Kanban project board on Github: If you wish to contribute to the design development, join the dedicated room on Matrix ( or IRC/Libera (#haveno-design).


If you wish to work in exchange for XMR, take a look at our bounty program. It’s already up and running!

The issues avialable for a bounty in XMR are tracked on a dedicated Kanban board on Github:

Would you like to contribute to Haveno in exchange for XMR but can’t because there is nothing that suits you yet? Just contact us and let us know what would you like to work on. If we think it’s worth it, we will gladly add a bounty for the job. See the conditions for receiving a bounty for more information.

Vulnerability in Bisq found and disclosed

In July we found and disclosed a serious vulnerability in Bisq, the project we forked to create Haveno. The vulnerability allowed malicious actors to harvest sensitive data from users (bank accounts, names and potentially home addresses) at no cost.

The problem was fixed in Bisq release 1.7.0, thanks to the help and suggestions of our team.

Some details were posted on Twitter


We changed our email address from the temporary [email protected] to [email protected]. You can also reach out to the team and the community on Matrix ( or IRC/Libera (#haveno).

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