Haveno's test network is now live!

Haveno Core Team | 18 Aug 2022

We are happy to announce that it’s now possible to run Haveno and test XMR/crypto and XMR/fiat trades with other users in the network by using Monero’s stagenet and the legacy user interface. Follow the instructions and please let us know if you encounter any issue. This is a test network, do not use real money!

Haveno still includes bisq-related sections and wording, but the essential functionalities are there and ready to be tested. Little bugs and glitches are to be expected.

There is still a lot to do, but we feel the platform is now stable enough to tag version 0.0.1 and allow the public to test the trade protocol.

For assistance, questions or to just to get in touch with us, join the #haveno room on Matrix or the room on IRC/Libera (#haveno-dev).

Unsure of how Haveno works? Check out the trade protocol.

Have more questions? Take a look at the FAQ.

Are you a developer and would like to help speed things up by giving your contribution to Haveno? There is so much to do!

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