Statement about the recent concerns about Haveno listing Zcash

Haveno Core Team | 29 Apr 2022

Recently, we announced our intention to list Zcash among the first assets available to trade with Monero on Haveno. This sparked some valid criticism, but also baseless accusations, like claims of the Haveno Core Team receiving money in exchange for the listing. This reached a level not expected with serious threats made against the Haveno Core Team.

The Haveno Core Team does not request or accept listing fees. We reject these claims entirely.

Why did we decide to list Zcash?

Zcash is already supported by Bisq, so supporting it on Haveno is quick and trivial. Zcash does provide strong privacy when used with fully shielded transactions, and as a privacy focused platform, we want to incentivize the use of privacy technologies, the correct way. That’s why we decided to list Zcash, but shielded (private) addresses only (See the open issue). We also see value in giving the possibility to Zcash users to trade with Monero users privately and in a decentralized way.

With that said, we believe Monero is the best tool to facilitate private trade, which is why it’s the base pair of every traded asset.

What now?

We decided to not include Zcash in the list of the currencies that will be supported at launch. We don’t consider it a priority and we think we have already consumed enough resources on this issue. As FOSS developers, we are also concerned by Zooko’s recent statements about the licensing of their technology.

That said, work proceeds as usual and development can be followed on Github:

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